Day: December 9, 2015

Top It Up

Dec 9003Rosie thinks some of the best days around here involve unpacking new hay bales. We get big fluffy fresh smelling hay from our neighbour, Randy the Hay Man.
Dec 9005
Normally hay is pulled like spaghetti from our hay bags – a few strands at a time – throughout the day. The herd is quite good at picking out the green fresh strands first.

Which can mean by late in the night or early in the morning a little extra chewing is required to chow down on the more straw like pieces.
Dec 9007
Not on new hay days … On new hay days there is extra hay – like broken cookies on baking days – that needs cleaning up. It ends up under the tree. Loose. Easy. Tasty. And much appreciated.
Dec 9006
Sometimes that means the girls have to draw lines in the hay to clearly demarcate whose pile is whose. Darby and Rosie use a lot of ears back language with each other on these days.
Dec 9001
Meanwhile … I pack up the old hay and the mouldy sun burned outside layer to line the bottom of the compost bin. I’m hoping that means this winter when the bin gets taken away the compost won’t freeze to the bottom … not to be loosened until spring!
Dec 9002
I have to work quickly in December and January. By four thirty it is dark outside!