Day: December 2, 2015

A Rain Reprieve

Nov 30011
Today’s rain clouds got split by my favourite ridge. Yep. We live in between a ridge that runs just north of us (by only a few kilometres) and one that runs south (about twenty minutes drive). This means that sometimes when the rain is coming from the west – or any version of the west – we get a reprieve.
Nov 30012
Then, when the sun was about to go down, it popped out from under all that cloud cover and buttered up the skyline. Love that feeling – black skies – golden horizon.
Nov 30013
Paco enjoyed a little late afternoon sunshine just as much as I did. We’ve done pretty well this November for hanging on to sunny skies. I think we’ll get them back by the weekend.

Hugs from the Meadow Mice!

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