Our Rose By Any Other Name

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A Rose006

… would be just as sweet! Rose and I got to spend some quality cuddling time this afternoon. This afternoon which turned dark WAY too early! 
A Rose003
Rosie loves to have her head scratched right where her mane begins – her crest. She’ll roll her head side to side to get me to the right spot. 😉
A Rose002
She also loves to be scratched right at the junction of the cross on her back. This area is called her ‘withers’.
A Rose001
She is so patient and will stand off to the edge of the paddock to watch to see when I just might be available for some good massages. When I’m raking up the paddock I will often turn around to find her standing right behind me … waiting. Or sometimes I’ll come around the back of the Bully (our manure jeep) and she’ll be standing right where she knows I’ll come to empty my rake full. It sure is tough to deny those big beautiful brown eyes!

Her nemesis in those relaxing moments is Bella. If I am lost in thought while warming my hands in Rosie’s soft coat and feel her start to back away … it will be because she can see Bella is on her way over to claim the prime spot. That little dickens will nip at her knees or her muzzle to move her off. Tonight I noticed another of Bella’s tricks …
A Rose009
I know I’ve mentioned this before. Rosie has always been a bit nervous around the water buckets in the back paddock. She carefully checks all around them before allowing herself to dip her head in for a long drink.
A Rose008
You never know what could be lurking in the woods … just ready to scoot out and catch you unawares. The best we can figure is that something spooked her while she had her head deep in one of the buckets … or that something tipped a bucket over on her and startled her.
A Rose007
Tonight Bella waited until Rosie had her head buried deep for a good drink. Then she surreptitiously snuck up beside her … and yanked the side of the bucket to tip it! It was no accident. The little devil! Poor Rosie just backed up and heaved one of her great Eyorish sighs.

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