Rainy Friday

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Rainy Friday001This little raggamuffin woke us up around six this morning … and then when we didn’t show up BRAYED at the top of her squeaky lungs at eight o’clock to tell us that her breakfast was soggy. 😉
Rainy Friday003Our herd has lots of places to wander in the rain – two different barns – the Bully garage – under the big pine tree with their free grazing hay pile. They’re not big fans of the rain. Donkeys don’t develop the same type of oils on their hide that horses and other similar creatures do. An inheritance of their dessert origins. So the rain trickles down through their coats and then tickles and chills as it worms its way down their sides …
Rainy Friday004They do have a good remedy for this. When they get soaked they commandeer a barn to themselves and then roll in the shavings. Seems that dries them up.  Smart donkeys …
Rainy Friday005 I think we’re in for some sunny days once today’s rain clears away. Ede was down in the front paddock reinforcing the donkey playground supporting posts. Plus she’s added some cut up pieces of a few trees that came down for their ‘chewing pleasure’. 😉

Greener1Our big boy is faring well again this morning. I am making myself focus on anything other than his cheek. Otherwise I totally think through his demise in the morning, and then resurrect him in the afternoon … I make the call and then unmake the appointments. I’m going to rethink his status into that of a geriatric donkey and just let things be for a while. Too much of a seesaw to feel that I have my wits about me to make any wise decisions!! I have received some tips from donkey friends in the blogosphere. Has anyone tried the herbs that are touted to help reduce sarcoid tumors? I’m considering looking into that. Thanks again for your well wishes!

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