Fading into Fall

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Fall-Bully-Road-PanelsThere they go … the last of the leaves are down. The November rains have arrived. Donkey woods are now in their winter skivvies. We walk up and down this path numerous times in a day. It is one of my favourite spots here at home. The donkeys get a good workout moving between their two paddocks. It is a great raceway when they are in the mood for a good game of tag.

Nov 11002I’ve been preparing a special ‘breakfast’ mix for Paco. He has too much difficulty biting down on carrot chunks. It can lead to a bitten tongue … or a solid bite into the growth in his cheek. So instead I dice and dice and dice his carrots into a carrot ‘mash’.
Nov 11001Into that I mix a bit of dried apple treats that I soak in hot water to also make them a mash. Even that is pretty tough for him to manage as his tongue is not fully under his control. What he does love and will manage any way he can is a good bowl of grain. Considering that my good buddy is mostly on management care I’m just letting him enjoy whatever treats are high on his list.
Nov 11003The ‘playground’ was a great hit last night. After dark I went out to tuck everyone in and took the time to ‘reset’ all the toys (just think rehang). I chuckled at breakfast as when I looked out they were all spread to the four corners of the paddock. Seems there was a lot of action out there in the dark!
Nov 11004Darby had already made a good dent in munching on one of the lower boards. I reinforced the base corners with some rocks and doubled the thickness of the wood in the corner she has deemed delicious.
Nov 11007Rosie continued to use the ball as her back massager. I’ve read about someone putting peanut butter on a ball like this for horses/donkeys to lick off. Perhaps that will be a Christmas Day treat… Although – that would make a mess of Rosie’s back! 😉
Nov 11006Bella LOVES checking the black bin out. I think she noticed that Darby found a few carrot chunks in there yesterday and is making sure that the next time the carrot fairy passes by she’ll be the one to find the treats!

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  1. Have you heard of Earth Angel Herbs? If not, check it out here: http://www.earthangelherbs.com/ I don’t sell it, but I have a friend whose pony’s life was extended by the shrinking of several tumors after using this. The person that does sell it uses it herself! I can’t imagine it would do anything but good for donkeys!

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