Swan Song

Buddies at Goodfellow's Farm
Buddies at Goodfellow’s Farm

Just over three years ago I was a very busy working teacher who was spending a LOT of her free time traipsing across our village to visit a new friend. Somehow I’d found a kindred spirit living in a neighbour’s field. That was Paco…. and this was then.
Paco and IWe’ve come a long way, Paco and I. We’ve learned to talk to each other, to trust each other.

Brett Meets Darby
Brett Meets Darby

We’ve welcomed new family members … young …
girls are back3… and younger …

Paco, Darby, Rosie, Bella Fall 13
Paco, Darby, Rosie, Bella Fall 13

… and established a friendly herd of four legged family members.
Snow Squared2001We’ve braved winter snowstorms.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe’ve dodged summer heat.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe’ve learned to trust each other to look after hooves and even let the vet become our friend.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt has been great fun to share our story – the advent of “Lasses with Asses”. We’re all settled now. The stories will continue – just a more quiet local version. We hope your journeys are happy ones. This is our last post on The Meadow View. Adieu!

17 comments on “Swan Song”

  1. I’ll miss you! But I know from my own very much shorter blog experience that these things run their course and it is the nature of all things to grow and then to die. I wish you and Ede many many happy hours to come, in the comfort of your remarkable extended family/herd. Am sending biggest love to all.

    1. Thanks Nancy! You’ll end up seeing some snippets about our menagerie on FB I’m sure. We’re still counting on one day being able to introduce you to them all in person. Hugs!

    1. Hi Linda. Thank you for your comment. I’ve enjoyed chronicling our adventures. Now it is time to turn my efforts to some new projects. You can catch up with me on FB. I’m sure I won’t be able to resist posting a few critter shots there! 😉

  2. Hi There OK so we don’t understand why this is to be The Swan Song.  As much as you both have found new and refreshing activities as you have built up your family herd, we have also enjoyed being able to observe and learn about your trails, tribulations and triumphs that come with your expanded family.  Many of our friends have often said that when they die, they want to come back as one of Lynda & George’s dogs. Well for us it would be that we want to come back as a member of the Meadow View herd,We are sorry that you have decided to end your wonderful journal.  First it was the Fry Family website!  Now the Meadow View? Say it isn’t true.!! Love#9 & 9A

  3. I am sorry to see you go as well, I liked keeping up with your little herd. I understand it though, blogging is a lot of work. I think about giving it up as well. Best wishes and donkey hugs to all of you.

    1. Thank you for your farewell. I do enjoy your blog as well. Time for me to focus on some other projects. It has been a lot of fun to connect with people and to share our journey. And you have been one of those who reached out to help us. That was very much appreciated! Take care.

  4. Oh no. Wendy you have no idea how much that I love reading your blog. When I’m living so far away to see your blog and see your pictures makes me feel that home is really not that far away. I hope all is well for you and Edie and all of your four-legged friends. I look forward to reading about your new adventures.

  5. I for sure thought there was going to be a swan addition/announcement. I love all the reflections (both the pictures and the stories). Well done!
    love jac

  6. Oh no really? I certainly understand the “pressures” of keeping up a blog – but truly enjoy reading them! Best of luck with your new projects and hope you will keep in touch!

  7. It’ s been a great ride, thanks for the memories. Please keep in touch. Give all those donkeys, kitty’s and Meadow mice a hug from me. Hope the orphans have found a home.
    Cheers, Barb

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