Foodie Shot

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Foodie1We’re still here … just ran into a BUSY week. I’m remembering what it was like in my last year of teaching to get up around six … and head out into the fall darkness of an early morning to do the donkey chores. Which never feel like ‘chores’ once I’m out there. I’m helping out with the Lions Club effort of doing vision/hearing screening for kindergarten students in our area. It has been a treat being in the schools, hearing the busy noises of the start up of a day … and … knowing that I’m only stopping in briefly. 😉
Foodie2I also had a chance to take a day to visit my donkey friend, Elsie, who lives in the Black River area. We met ‘by chance’ a few years ago and have become quite fond of each other and each other’s donkeys. Fun to be able to sit by a paddock and meet up with some new characters.

Paco: Don’t you know it isn’t polite to take someone’s picture when they’re eating?

Hope you have a great day!
The Meadow Mice

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