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Blockade1A couple of times a day I traipse through our woods to where LB has set up house. She keeps her little kitten safely tucked away from the donkey’s habitat. Somehow this little critter knows to stay put there whenever her mom is away. I tuck a little food into my fanny pack and after I’ve done the last of the chores spend a little time getting closer every day to this little furball. Tonight s/he had a first taste of solid food. Judging by the purring and contented mewing … both LB and I have decided she’s ready.
Blockade2All goes smoothly until I attempt to cross the paddock. Seems the herd has decided to put up a blockade. They not only have powerful ears … they seem to have equally powerful noses!
Blockade4Rosie was certain she was on to something … she just couldn’t quite place that delicious odour. Hmmm…
I’m sure there is something under your foot that would be very tasty!

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