Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

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October Bliss2Ooohhh … it’s happening alright. And it is a cold one tonight. We’re going to be hovering awfully close to zero by morning light.
October Bliss1My mind keeps wandering to a certain little feline that I know is outside … with her fluffy … but little … kitten. Did I mention that yet? LB is definitely a she … and we’ve met her little one now too. I’m afraid the ‘pig wrestling’ of last weekend drove the two of them a bit farther from the house than they were earlier. Here’s an earlier shot of LB.
Shade22Ede and I watched where she headed after eating this morning. Sure enough, when I wandered that way later in the afternoon, there they were. The little ‘furball’ (now known in my heart as Furbie) is white with black cheeks and a calico back. LB brought her to the paddock yesterday. I’m hoping that she’ll feel comfortable about bringing her around more. So today I gave her dinner in the garage – the one attached to our back door. It would be warmer and dryer than where they are now. My heart is railing against the someone who thought of LB as ‘disposable’. I sure hope I can gain their confidence before the snow flies. They need a forever inside home.
October Bliss11So although the fall colours are beautiful – each day they are reminding me that it is getting colder. I was chiding myself today that this reminds me of teaching … Sure, our four donkeys are healthy and happy in their paddock.  And our two cats are safe and secure in our home. But where does my mind wander … the one (now two) that I haven’t been able to help. Teachers are always thinking about the one that is struggling … even though thirty others may be doing fine.
October Bliss12I’ll just keep my eyes on the prize. LB knows our routines. She is waiting for me when I go out in the morning. She sits beside me and gobbles an entire can of cat food while we sit in the sunshine on the front porch. Then again in the afternoon she appears as I’m about to take the donkeys out their ‘dinner’. This time she meets me in the backyard near the paddock gate. She gobbles another helping of cat food and then rushes back to Furbie. Hopefully, as it gets colder she’ll know to ask for help – this time help getting inside. Wish us luck! (And if you know of someone who’d appreciate a quiet, shy feline companion do let me know! LB (and Furbie) will be looking for a warm home.)

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