First Day of Fall

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First Day of Fall1Everyone has a different idea for celebrating this first warm day of fall. Paco clearly did not want me to give away his idea. The jennies were perfectly fine out in the sun without him.
First Day of Fall2Although Darby and Bella preferred that their breakfast be served in the shade.
First Day of Fall3I think Darby was avoiding the flies while Bella was trying to stay out of the rays.
First Day of Fall4Rosie has an entirely different approach. She figures she’ll just follow along while I do the chores. Then whenever I stop she can convince me to give her a good scratch down.
First Day of Fall5Which in her books ranks just as high as a cool down! Yes, she does have me wrapped around her little hooves!

Meanwhile, in the front yard the gardens are feeling like summer is staying on a while! The sedum, cosmos, fuchsia and hibiscus are all shining in pinks.

1 comments on “First Day of Fall”

  1. They are such individual characters, but they all are irresistible, I can tell from here! 😉
    Prettttyyy fall flowers, too. Have a great, long, beautiful, happy autumn!

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