Shade22Meet “L.B” – Alby – ‘Little Black’ … Alby showed up here a few weeks ago now. Skinny. Desperate. Very Alone. Alby is a smart cat. Smart enough to train us to bring him food when he sits and looks across the yard at us. He is also a very careful cat. Careful to not let us get too close. We’re hoping that over this fall he can also become a more trusting cat. Alby will need an indoor home before the snow flies …
Shade24Like their new feline neighbour the donkeys have taken to eating their ‘meals’ in the woods. The mosquitoes have burned off … and the woods provide some relief from those darn biting flies.
Shade23They are all very aware of the kitchen windows and our voices wafting out the screens. And Darby knows the sound of me cutting carrots!
Shade21 So the woods have been added back into the donkey living space. They are mostly bug free – breezy – and shady.  I love this part of the summer. I think my favourite ‘summer’ months are now May and September.
Shade25The holiday weekend is winding down. Our road has been busy – with traffic leaving cottages and camps. I sure count my blessings at this time of year – watching the crowds leave – knowing we get to stay.

Hugs from the Meadow Mice – and all the other critters.

5 comments on “Shade”

  1. It seems so like you to serve everybody their meals in the woods for greater comfort… I’m not surprised that Alby knew just where to end his journey! 🙂 Looks like you will be teaching a new soul all about Trust – wonderful!

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