Gramma Camp


GmaCampDay23A wonderful way to start the day – new hay bales – and workers to help with the unwrapping!

The girls both chip in with all kinds of chores. Kyla spent the first part of the day removing burrs from all four donkey’s faces and legs. Lexi lugged around a sled full of rakes and shovels – up and down – and up and down – the sandy knoll.


When we finished up the first round of chores we came in for breakfast. Turned out the bright pair of eyes Kyla thought were LB’s in the bushes were in fact Rocky’s eyes. Rocky scampered up the tree as we were coming in. We got a good look at him checking out the seed droppings below the bird feeders.
We always set aside some time to play in the study. There are so many pictures to draw, games to play, crafts to make …
After lunch we headed out to the beach. The ‘fish’ in the family spent most of the time in the water – googles – water squirter – noodle – all in tow.
While others wore their gear onshore. Lexi did get in – just not for as long as her fish scaled hot bodied sister! 😉

When the ‘fish’ returned we headed back home to check out the herd.
I was forking some old hay into the Bully when I noticed the girls had taken down the halters and were playing ‘donkey walking’ with each other. Darby and Rosie had a very different idea. It was funny to watch Rosie trying to tug the halter away that had been tied around Lexi’s waist (as she was the ‘pretend’ donkey to walk). When the girls asked if they could put the halters on the donkeys instead I said sure … and waited to see what would happen. Turns out Darby and Rosie can practically put their halters on themselves.

Kyla and Lexi’s expectation was that they’d play walking the donkey back and forth in the paddock. Rosie and Darby … not so much thinking along that line. 😉 Instead the two jennies stood steadfast at the gate and no matter how much the girls tried to convince them to walk elsewhere they were not moving. The donkeys knew that halters were supposed to mean walks in the yard – and tasty mouthfuls of green grass.
So it was … two girls … two jennies … lots of magic. I was enchanted with how the donkeys treated the girls so gently. And with how the girls treated them so kindly. It was a lovely little walk in the front yard.
GmaCampDay22We had soon all worked up quite a sweat again and it was nice to come inside to cool off.
Lexi and I played a little ‘cross court’ ping pong.
Then each girl found herself a cat to buddy up with for some pre-dinner cuddles.

And thus winds up another day of Gramma Camp.
The Meadow Mice

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