When the Boss is away …

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Mish Mash19Poor Darby has been on ‘barn rest’ for a good part of the last two days. We finally found the abscess in her front hoof. More than a week ago I noticed her favouring that leg – but could we get to the bottom of it? Nope! When her limp returned and she started walking on only the front of her hoof we were able to get hold of our farrier. He returned and this time dug quite deeply into her hoof before finding the telltale signs… The abscess drained some yesterday. We soaked her hoof in epson salts and water … covered it in a sock and kept her in the barn for twelve hours. Not a happy camper! Today Jeff returned and packed the hole in her hoof with some copper sulphate to draw out any more infection that we’ve missed. She is sporting a fine looking layered sock ensemble and is pouting about having to stay inside… again!
Mish Mash15In the meantime the rest of the herd is discombobulated … ! Bella can’t figure out whether to follow Paco to the front paddock or stick by Darby in her barn. Rosie is enjoying totally unfettered access to the hay pile – but is also a bit at a loss to figure out where to spend her time. Paco decided this was a perfect chance for a bachelor vacation. He has been regularly slipping off to sleep in the sunshine on the front knoll – finally being the boss of his own days again. 😉 I guess there is no question about it. Darby is the lead donkey!

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