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Phooee! It is really steamy out there today! We crashed a heat record for this area. According to the evening news – 34’C broke the record. OUR temperature read 40’C this afternoon – in the shade. That is 104’F.
Cooling3So we’re keen on any ways we can find to cool down some. The ‘Donkey Garden’ is in shade for part of the day – and has good cool greens to munch on…
Cooling2We had company come who delivered cool fresh carrot chunks and fresh garden carrots with lots of green tops for a snack.
Cooling4Rosie noticed though that someone was missing from the action …
Cooling5Where was Paco?
Cooling6Hmmm… did you know that a donkey can hide? Even if they’re standing face to face with you through a window … a smart donkey knows to dip his head so maybe … if he can’t see you …
Cooling7… you can’t see him?
Ahhh… Paco’s favourite spot on these sweltering days is directly in front of a fan! I couldn’t get a doorway picture of him there because every time he saw me he hoped I had some cool carrots to share! 😉

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