Day Is Done

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Drop Down Sunshine01
The storms were rolling by to the north of us this afternoon. There were even tornado warnings out for some of the Ottawa Valley. At one point, I paused in the kitchen, to remark to Ede that not even the birds were stirring.
Drop Down Sunshine02There was such a heaviness to the air – so humid – so hot. Donkeys, cats, people, birds, chipmunks, squirrels … everything was tucked into someplace cool and quiet.
Drop Down Sunshine05After dinner the sun came out from below the clouds – swirling its paintbrush all through the trees.
Drop Down Sunshine04Dipping tree tops in lime green …
Drop Down Sunshine03… and still the birds were not singing. I have a feeling there will be some thunder still rolling around late tonight.
Drop Down Sunshine06In the meantime the mosquitoes are doing their best to get in a good feeding!
Drop Down Sunshine07And the donkeys are heading for the cover of the big fans in the barns. I quite like ending the day brushing a tranquil donkey who is willing to stand in front of a cooling fan out of the bugs!

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