Bella Boop05Yesterday I had Bella out for a walk in the front yard. We need to do some work on her haltering skills. First surprise was that she has outgrown her first halter …
Bella Boop04… but hasn’t quite grown into the one Rosie uses. She wasn’t too impressed with the whole idea of being on a lead. Eventually she got the hang of it – and was happy to find a long grass treat to munch on.
Bella Boop01Today … however … she seems to be confused. She noticed how eager her sisters were to put on their halters. In fact Rosie practically DIVES into hers as soon as she sees it.
Bella Boop02A kind passerby – known to us now as Maggie – stopped to knock on our door to alert us to Bella’s dilemma. Seems she thought she might try diving into a lawn chair.
Bella Boop03Funny how much easier it seemed to get IN to this plight than to get out of it! We ended up sawing off the handle and she popped out as good as new. I had to explain that although halters come in different sizes … this green chair was not one of them!

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