The Pasture is Always Greener on the Other Side (of the Fence Line)!

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July Hay03So … this morning’s job was fixing things so that yesterday’s excitement would not be repeated. Right after breakfast we headed out to figure out a new solution to the ‘greenbelt’ surrounding the back paddock.
July Hay04To the north the paddock looks out on the hay field. (Which looks mighty tasty to the herd these days!) To the south is the ‘backyard’ … aka ‘dessert’ to the donkeys. We let them graze in that area a few hours a day. They keep the lawn trim and munch on the bushes to keep them back from the lane way. Yesterday Paco offered to trim the front lawn too … such a nice guy! 
July Hay01There is something about ‘July Hay’ that makes him relish greener pastures. By this time of year we’re finishing up last year’s hay bales … which makes for more brown than green content. It takes a lot more work to pick out the good parts.
July Hay05We realized that our temporary ladder/fences were not going to cut it. AND that we enjoyed letting the herd graze in those green areas … Now there is a sturdier temporary fence line that keeps the donkeys at the sides and back of the house and protects them from adventuring into the front yard (and then onto the road). Livestock fence – firmly secured at one end – with clasps at the other to let we humans slip through.
July Hay02I really can’t blame them for gazing longingly at the growing fresh green tasty hay in the back field … and dreaming about what must be growing in front of the house. I think it would be something like waiting for my grandmother’s bread and buns to come out of the oven when I was little. That was only a few hours wait … The hay wait is at least another month!

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