He’s UP … and OVER!

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Gma Camp Day 308It was a diamond day in these parts – blue skies, nice breeze, cool temperatures. The kind of weather that makes the grass grow while you watch it!
Gma Camp Day 307Paco definitely had the same impression… While taking in some afternoon shade in the study we heard a ‘ladder clatter’ outside our window. That is where the lane way feeds back to the paddock.
Gma Camp Day 306
Since discovering our granddaughters could ‘magically’ move the ladder fences and somehow get through Paco and Darby have been determined to figure a way out too. There is a whole lawn of fresh grass out there!
Gma Camp Day 305So when we hear a ‘ladder clatter’ we get to a window – or outside quick – to see what they’ve managed so far.
Gma Camp Day 309As I came out the garage door I discovered Darby crouching to prepare to launch herself over the ladder. She had managed to knock it off the brace and it was laying on its side.
Gma Camp Day 304One glance in my direction told her she’d missed her chance! She backed away from the ladder/fence and I was able to reset it all. That was when I heard Ede’s voice saying …
Gma Camp Day 302“Ahem …  you might want to do something about this fella out here on the front lawn.” It seems that what actually happened was Paco jumped OVER the ladder/fence and that is what knocked it down. He really can jump. I’ve learned that before …
Gma Camp Day 303At least now I don’t find it a terrifying experience when he is out. He doesn’t go far. AND he is willing to follow me back to where he should be with much less fuss than the jennies. So with a little grain for incentive and a bit of a scolding I managed to walk him back into ‘donkey territory’.
Gma Camp Day 310Probably by the time I’m eighty I’ll be known as the lady who fenced in her entire property and let her donkeys wander at will. I just hope they won’t eat our wooden house before I’m done with it! 😉

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