Day: June 22, 2015

Sharing Animals Eastern Cowboy Style

The Eastern Cowboy ranch is just down the road from us. It is a magical place. Remember the old tv show Bonanza? We have our own version! The adventures of Lynn and Leslie Cronk and their four daughters. Their family turned their farm into a popular and friendly ‘dude ranch’. The ranch has over 1000 acres of beautiful riding trails and a clean fresh lake. They have a beautiful herd of well mannered trail horses and are a rescue home for dogs from around the world. Their critters also include two miniature donkeys, two miniature horses and two GIANT oxen who think they are still little fellas and crave company. You saddle up your horse along an old fashioned western main street. There are chairs to relax in, a campfire pit and even cottages and an old farmhouse to rent if you’d like to stay a while. The Cronks are now offering an amazing opportunity – an animal ‘time share’ of sorts! You can come and go – spend time with your horse(s) – go for rides. Your horse will have a herd of companions, a warm barn to get in out of the weather, a devoted family to look after it. They have beautiful horses looking for owners – especially owners who would like to become part of the ranch family. The tack is all part of the deal. You may not own enough land or have enough money to manage your own horse farm. You can become part of the Eastern Cowboy family. If you know of someone that would love to be a horse owner but is limited by where they live – this is perfect! Spread the word!

For more information contact the cronks at Or look them up on their website.