There’s Got to Be a Donkey in Here Somewhere!

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Pony01Each day I get up close and personal with a lot of poop! 😉 I know that I can tell what the donkeys have been eating by its colour – and its consistency. We won’t go into that. What I hadn’t realized was how many other creatures would rely on that donkey gold. These butterflies (which I think from my ‘Google Research’ are Baltimore Checkerspots) are everywhere. Everywhere there is a poop pile!
white admiral butterfly01And then there are these. I think they are White Admiral Butterflies. They are downright friendly. Stand still long enough and one of them will land on you – or your manure fork! 😉 Last June we left our porch light on in memory of the officers slain in Moncton. The next morning we had an incredible collection of moths. You can see some of them here.

I’m going to have to catch a shot of our team of Cat Birds. They spend the afternoons flitting around catching flies. This summer they’ve learned (from the Robins) that there are BIG flies caught in the tarp lined fence row behind the back paddock. I’d love it if a flock of those birds would show up! 😉

Happy flitting where ever you are. Hugs from the Meadow Mice.

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