Feline Supporters

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We’ve been dodging thunderstorms the last two days. And then figuring out how to keep our paddock from eroding away! Although, my favourite activity has been catching up on some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’s with my ‘indoor support crew’. 😉
Feline Supporters02Rufus kept a close eye on the place while I was off celebrating at the soccer reunion. He knew how to pose perfectly for Mr. Ricky’s camera.
Feline Supporters03Now he is holding down the fort in the study on his own office chair. I’ve even taken the back off of it so he can easily get on and off. He has taken to surfing on this chair. He takes a run at it from the fireplace room … and as he leaps he plants all four paws and sends the chair rolling across the study to come to a stop with a thump against the far desk.
Feline Supporters04Then he gets me to ‘reset’ it beside my computer desk, cleans off his feet and adds a little moisture for traction – and away he goes again. Who is training whom here is a very good thing to ponder! 😉

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