Sharing Old Memories and Making New Ones


Good Hands01What an amazing weekend! We ‘old girls’ and our one ‘old boy’ had a great time catching up on 40 years of memories. We got to cheer on team Canada in their first game in the World Cup. Some of us had met up about nine years ago. The rest we hadn’t seen for four decades. Amazing how you can recognize each other right away and the conversation picks up where you left off! The local televsion news did a feature on us. Check it out on my YouTube channel. (If you’re getting this by email you’ll need to click on the title of this email and go to my blog.)

Good Hands03While I was away the herd was in good hands. Here’s proof positive that Ede is TOTALLY a member of the herd now too. 😉
Good Hands04Paco found her sitting on the picnic table and nudged her until she would give him his daily scratch down.
Good Hands05Kate took on the duty of sharing a long grass treat. The girls sure are attentive!
Good Hands02Bella even got to be in a selfie!
A beautiful weekend where ever we were. Hope your’s was too!
Hugs from the Meadow Mice

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