Donkey Talk

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Donkey Talk01Bella: (Squinting angrily) Mom … we can see the long grass over there.
Me: You’ve already had lots of grazing time today girls.
Donkey Talk03Bella: You can see it too – right Darby?
Me: No Bella …
Donkey Talk02Bella: PULL…EASE… can I have some of the long grass?
Me: Don’t roll your eyes at me. No more long grass today.
Donkey Talk06Bella: I can still see you over there … just one piece … just stop and pick me one tiny piece.
Me: Go chomp on some tiny pieces on the hillside.
Donkey Talk07Bella: Are you going to make me come over there and show you what I want?
Me: Don’t push under that gate Bella.
Donkey Talk05Bella: I can move this gate … I can just pick it up and move it out of the way. But you don’t want me to do that.
Me: Nope
Donkey Talk04Bella: So pretty PLEASE let us have a long green grass treat!
Me: Nice try girls.

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