A Tad on the Unusual Side …

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Spot the LooneyWhen I was a high school student – oh … so few years ago … 😉 … I loved catching Monty Python in the wee hours of Saturday nights. That’s how I stayed awake when babysitting way past midnight. One of my favourite sketches was their ‘Spot The Looney’ clips. Something absolutely ridiculous would ensue … Seems that was the state of affairs here at the Meadow today.

Unusual07For instance! I had been out in the paddock when I noticed that both Paco and Rosie seemed to think something was amiss … When I went to investigate this is what I found!
Unusual06Darby was not the least bit convinced that those were ALL her hoofprints on the rug. (Doesn’t your garage have a rug?) Seemed her friend Paco had actually helped her to find the grain bin. Being the ever so clever problem solver that she is she was able to bypass needing to take the lid off (which was secured with a bungee cord). Instead she just pulled the whole bin over for a delightful serving of lip smacking good grain.
Unusual05After I cleared her out she thought it best to hang around the door just in case I needed some more help cleaning up the spill. Ever helpful that one! 😉
Unusual04I guess we may have to work on the concept of ‘STAY’!
Unusual03After that little bit of excitement I headed off to the front paddock to deliver today’s load of manure to the compost bin. The bridge over the little stream seemed to be at an odd angle. Did I mention that we finally got some rain on Saturday? 5 cm of rain?
Unusual01All at once – rain – drumming on the metal rooftops rain – making rice paddy terraces in the back paddock rain – and … I guess … a river in the front paddock! Ooops!
Unusual02I think we’re going to be scavenging some good sized rocks to rebuild the base here. On the positive side … there is less and less opportunity for standing water anywhere. That means less mosquitoes – which is always a good thing in my books!

Hope the unusual experiences in your day were comical too!

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