Day: May 24, 2015

Team Donkey

When our vet was last here he commented that the donkeys are now ‘more pets than livestock’. I think that is true. And it works both ways. I seem to like having them around when I’m working outside … no matter where I am working. 😉

I had neglected to tell Edie that I’d let the donkeys ‘out’ to work with me while I finished the sorting of our garage recycling pile. They were fascinated to be able to walk around the back shed and to look into the garage. I thought at one point Paco was surely going to meet Ede at the back door!

They just mozied around while I cleaned things up. Rosie was her usual curious self and had to check out a few items here and there.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADarby was super vigilant and a bit jumpy. She really needs to know what everything is and where everything belongs. She nosed her way completely through the shed from house to laneway – making sure everything was going to obey her every order.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe experience of being out of the paddock and into the greener patches of the yard meant that today the herd had an entirely new idea. While I worked IN the paddock Rosie stared longingly out the red gate at the grass beside the house. Then it was like a light clicked on in her head. She turned and looked at me and BRAYED at the very TOP of her lungs. It couldn’t have been clearer. She sure wanted at that delicious green stuff!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHmmm… that area is one of the more challenging areas of our yard when it comes to mowing the grass … Great idea Rosie!
I’m getting to be pretty good at finding ways to make temporary ‘fencing’. And the donkeys are getting pretty good at mowing the lawn! 😉 So now we have three little grazing areas for them outside of their usual habitat. They can help mow the back garden, the end of the laneway at the garage and now the side of the house by the hillside. Good one team!