Day: May 16, 2015

The Neighbours

Bretts Buddies06Fair preparations are heating up this time of year. So that means I ramble up and down the roads to our neighbour’s places to run errands and … one of my favourite past times … take pictures of farm animals for our advertising campaign.
Bretts Buddies05This means I get to stop at one of my favourite paddocks – the Tryon family’s spot. There ARE many other animals in their paddock besides goats … but their goats are truly friendly and quite entertaining. Who knew goats had such incredible voices? I didn’t until I’d met a few.
Bretts Buddies01These guys are insanely curious. I had to chuckle. When I dropped by many of them were out in the field next to the paddock. The Tryon’s big dog decided she’d better do her job when she saw me coming up the laneway. She ran out to the field to bark at the ‘escapees’ who promptly ran back to the paddock and scrambled under the fence row to get back to their appointed home. Ha!

Bretts Buddies02All except for this big nanny. She didn’t want to risk her beautiful horns getting caught on the way back in (and then likely on the way back out again). šŸ˜‰
Bretts Buddies04Just look at that expression. She’s thinking … hmmm… friend or foe? Food bearer or just plain pesky visitor?
Bretts Buddies03I think she decided I was the latter! šŸ˜‰

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