Day: May 13, 2015

A Great Day for Fishing

There are so many things to do around here we rarely – if ever – find ourselves bored. For example, we can start our days fishing. Yes – right here in the yard!

Meet ‘Poisson’! This little guy likes to follow who ever carries the seeds around to the bird feeders in the morning. At first his main aim was to jump into the peanut dish while it sat on the ground. It sits there while the tubes get filled.

Now he is quite content to climb right into our hands for a heaping helping of his own serving of sunflower seeds. Kyla decided to name him ‘Poisson’ because he first made Ede’s acquaintance when she ‘fished’ him out of the donkey’s water bucket. He had gone for a sip and ended up going for a dip. Thank goodness she came along when she did!