Still got that ‘zting’! ;)

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Sure was a hot one around here today. I was hoping that would mean the clouds of wicked biting black flies would get their comeuppance! Not so – not yet.
Paco was doing a great ear flappin’ dance. He has developed the strategy of just standing with his head inside the barn door. Not sure if that is because he can then scratch any time on the broom head that is nailed there as a rubbing post?

I figure what ever works is best! And he seems to have his own ideas – which have nothing to do with the bug spray I offer up each day.
Bella and Darby both still love when they see me coming with the spray bottle. That then gives them a little more freedom to play about inside and outside. Bella may be the smallest one out there – but she is not shy to make her thoughts known! Here she was telling Darby that the hay bin was hers! 😉

I’ve just come in from our Little Theatre production (Music Man – two more shows – tomorrow night and Sunday afternoon – catch it if you can!). The donkeys are all happily out in their front paddock – bug free under a starry sky. Bliss.

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