Day: May 5, 2015

The Secret Behind a ‘Farmer’s Tan’

Gone Buggy07Look at that beautiful paddock! Anything missing?
Gone Buggy08Look at that lovely spring woods scene. Anything missing there?
Gone Buggy06The forsythia is blooming. The daffys are smiling all over the place.
Gone Buggy09A tulip, having survived the squirrel wars, has pushed its way into the woods garden.
Gone Buggy11The daffodils are growing along the garden path. Who wouldn’t want to walk that way?
Gone Buggy05Hmmm … is that a ‘lone’ donkey up in the woods?
Gone Buggy04While the other three call her back from the barns?
Gone Buggy01The blackflies are frickin’ CRAZY here today. No wonder there is such a thing as a ‘farmer’s tan’! Only city folk get to be outside anytime from the beginning of May through to July! 😉 Even donkeys are loathe to be out of the barns!
Gone Buggy02I cannot count the number of times the herd made a run for it. It seemed like they kept thinking, ‘Now those bugs must be gone?‘ We’d see them run by the windows out to the front paddock. They’d drop and roll in the sand on the knoll and then race each other back to the safety of the barn fans. I kept going out to bring a treat or a good back scratch.
Gone Buggy03We had a bit of a breeze around midday. That was a chance for me to do some ‘scooping’ and visiting with everyone under the balsam in the paddock. As soon as the breeze died down we all scooted into the barns again.
Gone Buggy10For now… the birds and the bees and the biting bugs have the run of the place. While the rest of us check out the sunshine from the safety of doors, windows and long pants and shirts. Now I KNOW when the blackflies come – when the leaves bud out. And I do love to see the trees fill out with green. So … when do the blackflies leave … I mean exactly. Inquiring minds – human and donkey – want to know!