A Little Hairy


One of the great things about our kitchen is the location of the sink … right in front of the best window for bird (and donkey) watching. Usually while I’m clearing up the dinner dishes Mr. and Mrs. Hairy are out and about. The ‘Mrs.’ seems to prefer the oak tree as a seed cracker. She zips back and forth to the tubes, taking a seed at a time, which she drives into the crevices of the old oak. ‘Mr.’ likes the cedar tree.

There were only birds in my view tonight. The donkeys are all feeling a bit punky. Yesterday they had their annual innoculations. Bella looked like she was having a bad hair day and her eyes definitely registered a headache… It is Rosie though that I’m worried about. She was eating and drinking as usual this morning. By early afternoon (24 hours after her shots) she was miserable. She doesn’t want to walk anywhere, is not interested in what is going on around her, and looks like she feels terrible. She will perk up for a handful of grain … I’m keeping that in mind. I’ve closed her up into the Bully Barn on her own. The others would come in and out (and in and out …) so many times that Rosie had just parked herself outside and out of the way. With the rain storms that kept coming through today I was not comfortable with her staying out there. I’m hoping that with a little quiet and lots of rest she’ll be feeling better by morning. I don’t think I’m really going to sleep out there … not really … Good thing we have ‘donkey cams’ so I can keep an eye on her in the barn!

6 comments on “A Little Hairy”

  1. If you have some banamine on hand, give it to them. You can give it orally even if it is the injectable type. If you have some but aren’t sure about dose get in touch. It would really help them feel a lot better and keep them eating properly. Bute would also work if you have that instead.

  2. Oh poor Rosie. Let us know how she feels in the am. Too bad you can’t t use Tylenol like you do for the babies.

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