Day: April 19, 2015


Muchies1One of the great things about spring is that the ‘Salad Bar’ is open. The donkeys spend the early morning and the early evening searching for new green sprouts on the hillside …
Muchies3… and on the knoll. Delightful, fresh, juicy new green growth.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere is, however, one catch. These lovely green daffodil shoots are a danger sign. Daffodils bulbs are poisonous to donkeys (and many other animals)! It wouldn’t be so alarming if all the donkeys were doing was munching on greens above ground. Not so on the knoll – former home to an entire array of tulips and daffodils… Darby and Bella are digging holes that can sometimes go knee deep. So we have a new ‘hunting season’ to rival last year’s acorn races. (Those were races between us and the herd … to see who could gather the most acorns each morning! Another poisonous treat for donkeys!)
Muchies2I think we pretty much have found the last of them now. Each day when we clean up the paddock we scour the hillside for daffodil shoots. Funny how in one decade you can spend hours planting daffodils on a hillside on your property. And then in the next decade you can spend hours searching them out and pulling them up! 😉