This and That


This and That01We’re rolling into the end of March … hoping that the ‘chill’ is this year’s form of going out like a lion. Do you know that saying? March comes in like a lamb, goes out like a lion or comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. I think we had a lamb start to the month.
This and That02Yesterday’s snow has pretty much melted away. Good thing! That was a surprise when I pulled up the blinds in the morning. The donk-a-lonks were not happy either. It was the perfect kind of snow to make hoof cakes a day long irritation. They’re all over the paddock now. They take longer to melt. Many contain a good sprinkling of paddock gravel … so I was loathe to cart them away. Instead they’ve been sorted into a line of hoof imprints all along the fences.
This and That03I put the feeder bins and some bedding down on top of the knoll. Rosie and Bella thought the bedding tasted too good to lay in yet. 😉 It is out of today’s north wind. Look at the size of Bella compared to Rosie! I wished I’d got my camera out in time to catch Rosie resting her head on Bella’s nice warm back. Bella’s fur colour turns her into a donkey heating pad.
This and That04I worked through two pairs of mitts today and had to keep taking my flapper hat on and off. Hmmm … maybe this will be the last week for the mitt and boot dryers. April is rounding the corner … I’m imagining warm spring days where I get to enjoy the donkeys sleeping on the hillside soaking in the sunshine. Soon … soon!
This and That05
In the meantime I’m conjuring up my own green and blue daydreams. This winter I’ve taken to listening to CBC podcasts while indulging in Zendoodling. Here’s my latest creation. Creative quirks do run in my family. My dad loved to paint. I have a few paintings in our home that are his creations. My sister also loves to paint. She’s a teacher who just had a wonderful spring break. And what better way to celebrate some time to herself than to let herself sit down with her brushes. I have a painting of hers hanging in our home too. Here is her latest endeavor.
CindyHope spring is feeding your creative energies too!

2 comments on “This and That”

    1. Hey those look interesting! I’m always looking for new ideas for patterns to draw. I’ve become awfully fond of my winter afternoons of doodling! I may have to pack it away once the gardens start hollering for attention too. 😉 Perhaps that isn’t a bad thing … good to have something to look forward to during next year’s terrible no good howling winds of winter!

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