Calling it a Day

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March 2501Our first rainy day … and lovely it was. Before the rain set in I attacked the ‘ice falls’ that formed on the Bully Road. It was a shelf of ice that formed over the winter at the last flat spot before the road sloped down to the back paddock. It was treacherous enough when it was ‘dry’. When I knew the rain was coming I figured I’d better have at it. Our trusty old ice axe worked wonders. At one point I realized the ice was a good ten inches thick!! Thicker than one side of the axe. It was deeply satisfying to drive the axe point into that mother load and watch it break off in chunks. It took almost an hour … but I did it! Now the donkeys are all safely snuggled down in the barns for the night – and Rufus and I are holding down our cyberspace. Hope you had a good dose of spring in your neighbourhood too!
Hugs from the Meadow Mice and Creatures Big and Small

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