Spring Perky

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March 818We are loving the sunshine these days! Each time we head out to the paddock there is one layer less of ice … and a new layer of old winter hay to remove. Well … admittedly … there is more than just hay in that layer. 😉 But soon it will just be gravel, soil and grass that will be showing. That’s enough to perk up any donkey’s spirits.
March 823Paco has pretty much been going into a dream state while he soaks up sun and eats whatever is at hand. He can easily find the hay bag with his eyes closed. See that snow on the roof behind him? It was almost all gone by the end of the day today.
March 824We were noticing his winter bangs have just come into their full fluffiness. Just in time to start to shed them for spring! I love the colours of his mane and ears. And yes, he is as cuddly as he looks.

March 1113Today I removed all the straw from the winter ‘bed’ in the lower paddock. It was doing a great job of insulating the ice shelf underneath it. But it was tucked in against the hillside so it provided a break from any north winds. Now that hillside is melting … Instead I’ve made a new ‘bed’ on top of the knoll. By noon all four donkeys were snuggled down into the fresh straw. If they can possibly manage it they like to spend as much time as possible in the front paddock. I’ve been watching them for long stretches this month … It is interesting. I think they like the chance to take in the action by the roadside. They can hear people working over at the fire hall or at the fair grounds … or even at the ball diamond. They keep an eye on the traffic – especially anyone walking by – and their favourite – anyone walking by with a dog. They have also realized that they can see us inside the house from that vantage point! When we’re still getting below freezing temperatures I carry water down to them there. (We have heated water pails in the back paddock.) Between the four of them they can quickly slurp up 5 gallons! I love seeing that they are as excited by these hints of spring as I am!

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