Spring Chatter

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March 603Had a lovely time working away in the front paddock this morning but I kept hearing this mysterious bird chatter …
March 604I would stop and lean on my pitch fork and take a good look at the woods … but I couldn’t find it …
March 605… and then I had the chance to really zoom into where the sound was coming from and realized … it was the tree branches of the hickory and the ironwood rubbing against each other. It was spring tree chatter!
March 601If I add up the list of ‘spring signs’ this week I get: first chipmunk; return of the ravens; chickadee spring songs; working without my gloves on; wearing only one coat, one pair of mitts and one pair of pants; warm sunshine on my back; and a breeze that felt good – not bitter!
March 602Plus … 15 gallons of water delivered by hand to four very thirsty donkeys soaking in the sunshine. 😉 Ah… bliss!
March 522

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