Cat Sense


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA shiny new keyboard! I had to finally admit that my favourite keyboard of all time was limping along through its last days. It was a Logitech wireless keyboard that had the quietest and softest touch keys I had ever used. I was down to a bare spot for the letter ‘G’ and had to be careful not to pop off the keys that surrounded it. I had already reseated each of those keys at least once. Finally the ‘G’ completely gave up the ghost. The teeny tiny hooks that locked the key onto the keyboard broke and the little plastic ‘depresser’ (that looked like a miniature baby bottle nipple) popped off too. Hence … the latest space age keyboard was requisitioned via mail delivery. And oh … is it nice!
Feb 26b01Rufus and Teddy did not get what all the excitement was about … until …
Feb 2520… they got to play with the box!
Feb 2515It’s been two days now and the games have not slowed down. 😉
Feb 2517Ru is as enchanted with the noise he can make as he is with the box or paper.
Feb 2519The occasional ‘pause’ (excuse the pun!) turns the paper into a blanket. 😉

4 comments on “Cat Sense”

    1. And still … another morning later … Rufus is sleeping under the paper dome inside the box. He’s already scared the daylight out of Teddy by ambushing him when he walked by!

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