OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThree more days … three more until the month that has the officiousness to include ‘Spring’ in its calendar. I’m glad there is this ‘new’ technology that allows me to blog. It is a great way to keep a record of things – especially in pictures. I can use my account to open the collection of pictures I took (and used) last year and can see … not one shot without snow. Hmmm … in fact … there is the week that our granddaughters came to visit and we were housebound for most of the day because it was too bitter outside for little faces! All that aside … there are some days in which we are wearing only one layer of coats. And a few days where the donkeys are sliding on muddy pathways. There are more blue skies than in February shots. So – yes – three days until March!
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Loved this shot that Ede got of the Jays zooming in for their breakfast. They’re on high alert the minute one of us comes out of the garage. As we spread the peanuts on the Jay Bar we can look up to see them lined up on the roof edge, in the lilac and the hickory trees and some even helicoptering overhead. Once we step back – they’re off! They don’t stop to eat the peanuts. We haven’t quite figured out exactly where they all go. But this part of the morning is definitely the ‘collection’ phase. Now and again we’ll see an impatient Jay fly only as far as the nearest leaf on the snow, or the closest crook in a tree where s/he will tuck their stash away. Then back they go for another ‘beakful’. We’re either planting the seeds for future peanut farming or providing daily provisions for midmorning feasts deep in the woods!

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