When I Open My Eyes … Will It Be Gone? ;)

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Feb Fun19I think even our ‘Energizer Bunny’ Bella has started to tire of the snow … We keep getting SURPRISE new snowfalls! Today we took the morning to snowplow the back paddock and the laneway. Then after a mid-day break we went back out and shovelled and plowed the front paddock, the Bully Road and our second laneway. Phew! One bonus was that yesterday we got to the ‘heart’ of one of our bales. I decided to loop it with bungy cords and put it into the Bully Barn between two feed bins. I knew I’d be cleaning that barn out today anyway. The quartet ‘had at it’ all night. I had to chuckle this morning when I went out to find it strewn across the paddock. I’m thinking there were a couple of good tussles last night while one or the other of the herd grabbed a good chunk and ran away with it!
Feb Fun18It meant that at least for the start of the evening – and through the heaviest snowfall – all four donkeys had food bins INSIDE a barn. They’re not liking the ‘spring’ snow so much. I think that when it is warmer like this it melts through their coats and drips down their backs. I know that every one of them is putty in my hands if I even hint that I might give a good back rub. It is comical to be scooping poop and turn to find not just one donkey pressed right into my back – but two or three!

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