Oh February …


Feb Free Shots3Oh February … so much closer to spring … and yet so far from warm! We’re continuing our deep freeze in this neck of the woods. This morning when I took the seeds out for the birds I stopped to take a shot of the amount of snow on the roof and in the front yard. Pretty impressive!
Feb Free Shots2I think I totally jinxed us last week when I showed Ede how little snow there was on our back shed roof compared to last winter. Well – Mother Nature sure was quick to remedy that oversight! Can you see the snow banks past the roof surrounding the paddock gate? It amazes me that over the next two months all of this will disappear. We sure do have wild swings of weather between our four seasons.
Feb Free Shots4The donkeys are now on day three of hibernating in the barns to stay out of the wind. Paco noticed me heading into the Bully Barn across the paddock.
Feb Free Shots5He was more than eager to let the girls have the Condo so he could have the Bully Barn door and scrunchies from me.
Feb Free Shots6See those well trimmed hooves? And that healthy full coat of fur? He is doing so well. I thoroughly enjoyed giving him a full rub down and scratching his ears for a good fifteen minutes tonight. We had the Bully Barn all to ourselves and he was super relaxed. I find it hard not to worry about how the four of them are managing in these bitter temperatures. When I do get to worrying I should just go on out there and bury my hands in Paco’s fur. Then I know that they are, in fact, quite warm!

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