Morning Workout for Bird Brains

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One of the least mentioned residents of the Meadow … and yet … one of the most prolific!
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOur dear ‘Lovey Doveys’.  They get a fair bit of attention here. Ede built a special ‘bird bar’ for the Morning Doves. Each morning their bar and the surrounding cleared base of the old oak stump get a generous sprinkling of sunflower seeds.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhich gets noticed by an even more generous spread of Morning Doves.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASome of which even dare to trespass on what is known as the Blue Jay Bar. This bar sits right in front of our kitchen window. It gets stocked with a whopping load of peanuts and sunflower seeds before we humans sit down to breakfast. Then once we’re back inside  Ede and I take turns getting up to knock at the window to move the Morning Doves off so the Jays can claim the peanuts. The Doves are not the least bit interested in the peanuts. They just sit on top of them and swish them around in their pursuit of the sunflower seeds.
Meadow Jays002The second the Morning Doves fly up and into the lilac tree the Blue Jays swoop in for the peanuts. Meanwhile up in the hickory tree someone else is eyeing the Morning Dove Bar.
Blowing Snow018Soon enough this little guy, and his five healthy brothers, pop up out of the snowdrifts to move the Morning Doves away from the their bird bar.
Sunny Day Jan 30002Up go the Doves …
Sunny Day Jan 30008Down goes the squirrel …
Windowsjan 16 012… and up and down go the two of us. It’s a breakfast workout! 😉

1 comments on “Morning Workout for Bird Brains”

  1. All these little customers are counting on the two of you especially in this cold, snowy spell of weather. Love Kate

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