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Feb 2 Blizzardfeb 2 001It’s been an interesting weather day around here. Today’s blizzard snuck up on us. We’re usually keen observers of weather forecasts. But until Ede talked to Simon last night we had no idea a blast was coming our way. Then the moon tried to come out …
Feb 2 Blizzardmoon shotEerie and beautiful … a moon trying to shine through blowing snow. It looked like a streetlamp or a strong headlight … but nope … that was the ‘almost’ full moon …
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABy this morning everything was a blurr of white – even the normally chipper grey squirrel. He just put his head down – bore the brunt of the wind – and gobbled up as many seeds as he could find! Meanwhile – back in the paddock the donkeys let me know that they were not budging out of the barns until the storm stopped.
blizzardy2They all stayed put – in either one barn or the other – watching the snow blow by and then turning back to eat the new bags of hay I delivered. At one point we even noticed Bella and Rosie wrestling ‘just for fun’ in the Condo.
blizzardy1The north wind swept most of the new snow right on through the back paddock and into the laneway … and onto the Bully Road. It will be a challenge tackling that ‘pass’ tomorrow. I walked out to the front paddock along that road and found a number of places where the snowdrifts are higher than my waist. I think it will be a combination of plowing, old fashioned shoveling and a lot of sweat to get it back open. It will be worth it though. It is so much easier to do so many of our jobs with the Bully Road open between the woods and the two paddocks. I’ll gladly sweat to keep that advantage! Hope you stayed warm and safe in your neck of the woods.

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