What Does Minus 31′ Celsius Look Like?

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Sun Rucchhilly1MINUS 31′ C (-24’F) … best be up when that sun comes over the horizon!
Sun Rucchhilly2Otherwise it can take forever for the frost to melt off of your face!
Sun Rucchhilly3Although all four of our donkeys get incredible ice whiskers and frost ‘feathers’ Bella’s dark fur shows it up the most. I’ve learned NOT to try to melt the frost on her eyelashes. It melts and then freezes them together “lickity split”!

I have a faux fur hat that takes on a Bella look of its own. I’d only been outside for about twenty minutes when this white beard had formed around my face. Glad to see February come along today! One month closer to spring! Phew!
Sun Rujan 30 pm 008

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