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still herePhew! Now THAT was a diamond day for plowing snow. Early this morning Ede and I looked out the bathroom window upstairs to see Bella galloping up the hillside through the snow drifts. She kicked and ran and sashayed her way to the front paddock and took in the view of snow, snow and more snow! She was all on her own. None of the others budged from the barns! After taking in the view she then galloped back to join the rest. Funny little thing! We headed out just after ten this morning … and I made it back in just before 4:30! My appetite did notify me when I’d passed the lunch hour. But once I get in the ‘groove’ I’m loathe to stop! Plus, I have a feeling that if I did stop I wouldn’t get myself back out there. Ha! We got one heck of a load of snow overnight. I’d say we ended up with a foot and a half plunked down in the middle of everything. That then was swept up in gigantic snow waves on the hillside and the Bully Road. I had to laugh out loud at one point when I realized the snow was falling onto my driver’s seat from a drift that was higher that I was in the Bully!! See how high that had to be!
Let It Snowjan 9 003 (2)
Now both paddocks, both laneways and the ever exciting Bully Road that weaves through our little woods and connects the two paddocks are all clear for racing. Ede took some great ‘Donkey Running’ video clips that I’ll get a chance to look at tomorrow. True to their high spirited nature once the donk-a-lonks realized the road and the paddocks were clear – they were off and running! Tonight I managed to stay awake for dinner and after that promptly flopped into my chair in front of the fireplace. Great way to end a snowy, snowy day!

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  1. Loved it! Lynn was out for a couple of hours too, but I don’t have any fun videos to show after all that work.. 😦 Post those videos!

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