The Name Game


Afternoon Treatjan 19 treat 3Each afternoon as I head back outside I am working on a training game with the herd.
Afternoon Treatjan 19 treat 2I have carrot treats in my pocket. When I say a donkey’s name it is his/her turn for a carrot bit. It has been helping a lot with ‘manners’. Darby, Rosie and Paco are quite good about waiting until their name is called.
Afternoon Treatjan 19 treat 4Bella … not so much! 😉 But she is learning. They spread themselves out in a circle around me and I can easily turn to each one.
Afternoon Treatjan 19 treat 5When the treats are done I hold up my hand – palm out. They all know that signal now.
Afternoon Treatjan 19 treat 6You can see Bella’s ears go back as she lets it be known loud and clear she doesn’t like it when there is no more left!
Afternoon Treatjan 19 treat 7Rosie reads the signal very quickly and then heads on back over to the hay bins. Darby stands close by … just in case I’m not serious. And Paco … well he likes to make sure there isn’t a lick of goodies left. 😉

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