Bully Cakes


Bully Cakesjan 13 009We’re back into the deep freeze today. Boy, those few mild days were a real treat. And I do keep reminding myself that this winter has been nothing like last year. We can easily manage these short freeze ups. A few days ago I was writing about ‘hoof cakes’, the ice-wood chips combo that can create stiletto heels on donkey feet.
Bully Cakesjan 13 012Today’s version was a ‘Bully Cake’ (Bully being our side-by-side). When we tipped the box right up – nothing moved! Not to fear. Same as with the donkey hooves we just had to do a bit of ‘picking’. 😉
Bully Cakesjan 13 013The sunshine was beautiful today. The herd spent a long time snoozing at the bottom of the hill. The plowed pathways (raceway) were put to good use again as they romped around this afternoon. I love that with the new paddock design we can even plow a route over the knoll. That encourages them to use the wood path that Ede painstakingly shoveled for them.
Bully Cakesjan 13 016You can see that the snow would be too deep for them to move around much down there without the plowing.
Bully Cakesjan 13 020Darby always takes time to let the Bully know how much she appreciates it. Whenever  I park it she nibbles at the hood, scratches her face on the blade and checks out whether there is anything interesting to pull out of the cabin.
Bully Cakesjan 13 021Before I came in tonight I noted that it was five o’clock and it was still light outside. Hurray! Hope you stayed warm and cozy in your neck of the woods today.

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