Let it Snow

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Let It Snowjan 9 001As we sat at the breakfast table this morning – commenting on the incredible number of birds in the lilac tree … we began to realize …we’d got a fair load of snow last night.
Let It Snowjan 9 001 (2)Ahhhhh! A Bulldog Day! I suited up with a little weight in the box … and a shovel for those hard to reach spots. Now you might think this is a few hours of sit down work. I used to think that too.
Let It Snowjan 9 002 (2)I’m sure if you looked in the Operator’s Manual there is something about sitting down with your seatbelt securely around your waist. However – there is also something to be said about being able to see just what that plow blade is going to run into.
Let It Snowjan 9 003 (2)It seems I have developed my own technique which could be called the Parliament Perch!
Let It Snowjan 9 006The donkeys have developed a snow day routine of their own as well.
Let It Snowjan 9 010They wait me out when I’m in the back paddock. But once I head down front – all bets are off! That is when the running and bravado pop up. Bella was a hoot today. As I circled the paddock ‘track’ she had a lot of fun running at the Bully and posing in the lane as a real imp ready to take me on. At the last minute she would jump and turn in the air and then rush at the others.
Let It Snowjan 9 011I plow a course through the front paddock and another over the knoll out there. Each time I’ve finished the whole gang gets running. Today when I headed off to do the Bully Road through the woods I was delighted to find the quartet racing along the trails.
Let It Snowjan 9 012When all the excitement was over the gang settled in for an afternoon feast in the sunshine. A perfectly wonderful winter day!

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