Hoof Cakes

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snow hooves2Hurray! NO – I’m not cheering because the donkeys were walking on snowballs today … I’m happy because I was able to pry them off! In this type of snow the poor things end up walking on crazy high heels …

snow hoovesAfter mastering how to clean their hooves in the summer time I came to realize today that we now have the winter process in hand as well! First, they all (yes – EVEN PACO) trust me to work on their feet. Secondly, I have the great hoof pick that our farrier Jeff Atkinson gave me. Thirdly, I know how and where I can safely pry at the hoof – and pick at the hoof – and hammer at the hoof – in order to chop and pop the ice cake off. And finally, we (as in the donkeys and I)  know how to go at it in spurts. I offer to help – s/he lifts their hoof. I pick at it. I put it down so they can rest while I scratch backs, necks, and ears. Then we start again. Eventually we got them ALL off.

This is Rosie and Bella’s second winter here and Paco and Darby’s third. Seems we’ve all gained some valuable experience!

(Thank you to Morning Bray Farm for these shots of what donkey hooves look like when they pick up snow and hay while walking around this time of year.)

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