Winding Down

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Winding Downdec 31 005Although there are many ways to wind up the final days of a year … wandering a beach … is a great option. Here’s beachcombing Canadian style! 🙂
Winding Downdec 31 020We had a sister’s get together for a few days. Good fun catching up with each other and each other’s children and grandchildren. How did we end up being the ‘old’ aunties? 🙂
Winding Downdec 31 022When you’re trying to capture a group shot with three little ones … it takes a few tries.
Winding Downdec 31 004Back at my end of the highway I had a warm welcome in the paddock.
Winding Downdec 31 003Seems you can be missed … or at least your treats and your rub downs. 😉
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHave a safe and fun New Year’s Eve!

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