Here and There


KC Visittwo pipesGreat day for a fall walk! Hard to believe that this shot is taken in December! But we’ll enjoy it while it lasts! (Thanks Mr. Ricky for the great photo.)
KC Visitimg_20141228_125028Had a very funny conversation yesterday in which we realized that we couldn’t name one of the TWO streets in our village! 😉 At home we refer to roads by their destinations or features. For example – this walk led to the ‘Culvert Road’. Tried to chalk it up to age related ‘word search’ fun … but even the young ones got stifled for a while.
KC Visitimg_20141228_164859While the humans were out wandering nameless roads other members of the family decided to curl up and enjoy the sunshine – inside.
Friendlyfriendly 4I’m excited to know that Friendly is on his way this morning to his forever home. Good luck Friendly! Have fun Kcim!

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