The ‘Digs’

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A little while back I mentioned that we were working on some renovations in the basement. We replaced our old furnaces … yep … we had two of them. One was a wood burning furnace. Funny thing about a wood burning furnace. It keeps you in bed longer … and it keeps you absolutely still in bed longer. That’s because who ever woke up first really should be the one to go downstairs, outside through the garage and down into the basement to put on the first logs to heat up the house. Beside the wood furnace was a back up oil furnace. Which – for the last decade at least was the only furnace we were interested in using.
Now we have a beautiful efficient and warm gas furnace. Looks like we’ll be warm even from the knees down this winter! Interesting how the ice storm brought generators to everyone’s home … and last winter’s never ending polar vortexes brought new heating systems. So – new single smaller furnace – meant lots of extra space …
Not ones to waste an empty corner … voila! The advent of a new ‘mud room’. It only took us two years to realize that balancing at the top of those stairs while putting on or taking off snow pants and boots was not fitting well into our ‘Can We Do This At 80 Years of Age?’ planning. We even added a cushy bench with shelves and baskets. Our coats are hung such that they dry quickly and are even warm when we put them on! 😉 We added a clothesline for mitts, hooks for hats, pants and another for sweaters. The boot and mitt dryer is right at hand. It makes for a great way to doddle along chatting while we get ready to head out or come back in. Love it!
We didn’t stop there. The ping pong room is now roomier and ready for holiday tournaments. Notice – the dark grey sprayed on fire retardant (that covered our bright orange or pink insulated walls) DID finally lighten up when it dried. We’re set. Come on January and February! We’re ready!

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  1. Isn’t it odd that even though we are still young (and young at heart)we are already thinking about how we can manage our lives at 80??

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